Sponsorship selection 2023

Focusing on the childrens well being couldn´t feel more important than 2023. Not only international war areas frequent the media coverage, but also we have an instable homeground in Sweden with shootings and bombings to a degree that is enough for everyone.

And a recession on top of that, targeting those with scarse resources especially.

Stockholms Stadsmission supports children and families both practically and by just being there, and Nyhamn Invest choose to support their cause 2023. We hope it gives a merrier Christmas to some, at least!

New investment for Nyhamn Invest!

With a solid interest in sound and an aim to support the transition towards a circular society, Nyhamn Invest has chosen to participate in the upcoming round in Transparent Sound. By designing and producing longlasting speakers, Transparent has grown their offering worldwide since its inception, with the future in mind. Or, as they describe it themselves, “We are on a mission to become the first circular tech brand. We achieve this mission by making timeless, modular electronics that are forever upgradable. We believe products should get better with age and that companies are responsible for removing electronic waste from the world.”

New investment for Nyhamn Invest

During these harsh times Nyhamn Invest have successfully completed a new substantial investment in line with the investment focus for the company. Meeting the criterias regarding environmental sustainability, and financial longterm upside, we took the decision to join RGNT Motorcycles in their capital raise in April 2022. Looking forward to the future!

RNT Motorcycles official brand movie

Sponsorship selection 2022

Due to the insane Russian actions in Ukraine, as of February 2022, starting a war that not only put civilian lives at risk but already see casualties even among children, we all need to act with what we can.

Nyhamn Invest choose to donate to Unicef, supporting the Ukraine children during these difficult times, and applauding the Akelius Foundations (https://foundation.akelius.de/sv) pledge to double all donations to Unicef during this period. We encourage all to participate.

Vi stödjer UNICEFs arbete för Barnen i Ukraina

Sponsorship selection 2021

Ending the year of 2021 Nyhamn Invest has yet again settled their thoughts on how to contribute, in our way. After a couple of years plagued by the Covid-19 virus there are a lot of groups of people that have been affected more than others, one of which are the children. Quarantine, “work-from-home”-restrictions and mental illness that followed the steps of the pandemic, have caused the number of calls to helplines to skyrocket.

The BRIS organization is a Swedish leading childrens right foundation caring and listening to the youngest members of our society, basing its work on the Children’s Convention. Their aim is to support, mobilize and make the childrens and young adults voices heard and listened to.

For 2021 Nyhamn Invest have chosen to support and sponsor BRIS Christmas Campaign.

Sponsorship selection 2020

After careful consideration within the family, Nyhamn Invest has chosen to sponsor Scouterna (the Swedish Scout organization) or more exact the Stockholm Scoutdistrict’s island Vässarö with the financing of updating their tent inventory.

Being part of the scout movement, encouraging youths’ learning of the nature in a positive social context of equality is definitely in the line of our family’s values.